New York wasn’t new to me — I was born upstate and spent my early life there — but it took me decades to ever make it to New York City. As part of an RR Donnelley creative team based outside Chicago, I traveled to Manhattan and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, where my coworkers and I began the work of building the 2011 MetKids catalog.

On the day we flew to New York, my alarm sounded at 3:15 a.m. I got up and drove to pick up my Creative Director, then got the Account Manager, and we headed to O’Hare, where we met another coworker. Flew to LaGuardia, took a cab to the Met Museum, had our meeting and got a tour. The team wandered a little of Central Park before determining that we didn’t have time for dinner prior to needing to head to the airport for our return flight. We ate at the airport and learned our flight was delayed by storms. Then delayed some more. And then some more.

And it was while waiting out those delays that I spotted this mug and felt compelled to get it. (Note: after several uses and washings, the print started to run, so I don’t use it for drinking anymore.)

We finally departed four hours late. After taking off and getting back to Chicago, I dropped off my coworkers, got home and climbed into bed — at 3:15 a.m.