As a gift to my parents to celebrate their 50th anniversary, my brother, sister and I (and spouses and four of the six grandchildren) took them on a cruise that went from Los Angeles to San Diego, to Catalina Island, to Ensenada, Mexico, then back to L.A.

At the Ensenada stop, while many on the cruise were taking part in various shore excursions, my family of four wandered the port town with the giant Mexico flag. People were hawking jewelry and other items on the sidewalk, and we popped into a few storefronts. Among the things that caught our attention were, of course, coffee mugs. “ENSENADA” was written near the top of each of these, to the left of the handle, but the word had apparently been added there with a Sharpie, because it disappeared after a few washings.

These mugs were nice for my wife and me in that the pair were distinct from each other — the woman is holding a child’s hand and being a responsible, loving parent; the man appears to be taking a siesta. My own interpretation of the resting man is a bit different — he’s not lazy and avoiding work, but rather he has completed a long, hard day of laboring to support his family, and this mug captures a moment after this has happened, when he is ever so briefly resting his head.