It was the 10th anniversary trip that happened almost two and a half years late.

Our daughter was just under six months old, our son just over three years, when we marked our 10th anniversary in 2002, so we decided to hold off on taking a celebration getaway. Then a few months later, in 2003, my employer filed for bankruptcy, and I subsequently learned during the reorganization that I would only have my job for five more months. We already were scheduled to take a trip to my sister’s place in Denver to celebrate my father turning 75, so the 10th anniversary trip shifted further and further down on our priority list.

Well, I started a new job at the end of 2004, and in spring of 2005 my wife’s parents asked if they could spend their spring break with both of our kids, at the time five-and-a-half and almost three.

The answer was (somewhat reluctantly) yes. But what would the two of us do without the kids that week?

We’d finally take that anniversary trip, and we settled on San Antonio’s Riverwalk area. We stayed at La Mansion del Rio, right on the Riverwalk. Loved it. We had no car, so we walked or took public transit almost everywhere we wanted to go. We didn’t follow our usual m.o., instead eating out for all meals rather than picking up some groceries to save money. And we knew the kids were in good hands with Grandma and Grandpa. Wonderful trip, and well worth the wait.