Soon after my senior year at Penn State began in fall of 1987, it dawned on me that I was running out of time to buy school-themed goods. So I bought this mug for myself, plus mugs in alternate colors for my parents as Christmas presents. I still have mine and use it regularly.

As I was recently reflecting back on the mug’s origins, I knew its logo had been adopted sometime while I was attending the school, but I couldn’t recall exactly when. So I got busy and according to my exhaustive research, Penn State began using this logo in March of 1987, which would have been during my junior year.

Special to my kids if and when they find themselves on campus: Your dad lived in Sproul Hall, Ewing Hall, Beaver Hill Apartments and The Graduate in his four years at PSU. And you will never know the glories — or horrors — of Parking Lot 80, the tundra over which East Halls residents passed daily. It’s now the site of many buildings, including the Creamery.